We were made to be in community. A LifeGroup is a place where faith grows, friendships deepen, and you can do life with others who are growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

With lives in constant transition, we believe that change and encouragement happen when we share life together as a body of believers and we want to accommodate to young adults as it constantly shifts. The trimester calendar year brings a clear beginning and ending point. When the 15 weeks are over, you have the opportunity to continue with the group, guiltlessly leave the group, or add any new members for the start of a new study. Lifegroups will also be happy to have you if you are entering into the middle of the study.

Feel free to check out a LifeGroup at any point during a trimester!

You can get connected in one of three ways:
1. Email or call one of our leaders on our "Current Lifegroups" page. 
2. Send a message through our "Contact" page, and Matt would love to get to know you and place you in a group.
3. Contact our Lifegroup Connector (Traci Schimpf) @ either 440-447-0759 or lifegroups@cvconline.org

Looking forward to connecting with YOU!